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Catherine becomes a tourist and boy are her feet tired

This weekend I’m in San Francisco with my sister, touristing around, seeing sights, and eating very yummy food. Our plans Saturday included taking public transportation, traditional cable cars included, to see much of the city before renting a car and heading out to nature.

We ended up on foot for much of the day; the cable car service was interrupted and crowds made accessing public transport less efficient than walking.

So we walked. And walked. Up hills. And down hills. And walked some more.

What I really wanted to do after all that up and down walking was this.

However, given that we are lucky humans staying at a hotel, we are doing the next best thing: swimming in this lovely hotel pool.

A lovely hotel pool. We are checking it out Sunday.

We are planning other forms of transport for the rest of our trip: ferries, bikes, buses, and yes, that so-far elusive cable car. And yes, more walking.

It’s been a while since I’ve pounded the pavement in a city I was visiting. My feet and temper aren’t used to it. Luckily, my sister has lots of experience dealing with whiny family members (she has three children), and we end up joking and laughing about something or nothing.

I’m looking forward to lots more exploration with my sister, and plan to do a lot of mileage under the power of my own two feet. However, scheduling in some lolling seems like a good plan too. I’ll report back on both next week.

Let us know what you think....