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Meditation Experiment Week 1

In last week’s post, I told you I was starting a meditation experiment. The plan was to try reframing my meditation as if it were one of my medications – something I ‘take’ regularly that provides benefits over time. And, hence, to anchor my meditation practice to taking my other meds each morning.

How did that go?

Let’s say results were mixed.

The reframing part, the *idea* of meditation as medication is a good approach for me.

Considering meditation as a necessary component for my well-being is really helpful. With this approach, embracing meditation as a self-prescribed medication, the practice becomes less of a ‘task to get done’ and more part of the foundation of my daily life.

Yes, it has only been a week but I can feel the shift in my own perception and it feels good.

I’m not feeling a lot of the ‘give myself some extra brainspace’ benefits yet but it has only been a week.

I am, however, finding that it is much easier to actually start a meditation than it was at the beginning of last week. AND my meditation itself feels a bit better, a little more breath-focused, a little less scattered.

So, from that perspective, my experiment results are very encouraging.

However, the second aspect of my experiment?

Not so much.

In fact, trying to link the practice with my tangible medications was an abject failure.

As I had guessed, that part of overall my day is a little too unpredictable to include meditation.

And in attempting to link my meds to my med, I found myself taking my doctor-prescribed meds a bit later. Taking them later is not only less-than-ideal for my health and concentration, it increases the risk that I will forget them entirely.

After 3 days, I reassessed and decided that the link in timing was not all that important to me, but the change in perspective was vital.

So, I abandoned the idea and just included my meditation whenever felt best each day.

In fact, after a very busy day on Friday, I ended my meditation at 11:59PM. Just under the wire for a planned ‘daily’ practice, but it still counted!

Overall, this approach is working – it’s easier to start meditating each day and the practices themselves feel pretty good. I know the mental-space-at-other-times part will arrive whenever it gets here, so I’m not trying to rush it.

And I’m actually pretty proud of myself for not stressing about the ‘failed’ part of this experiment.

There was a time when I would have had to scrap the whole thing, convinced that I was missing some key piece of information and hence doing the whole thing wrong.

That instinct still pops up for me from time to time but it rarely details me any more. Apparently, the work I have done on that sort of stuff is really paying off. 😉

Let us know what you think....