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Maybe February is the new January: a case for showing up (late) to the challenge party

Okay, January 2023 is in the books. Along with it are the now finished (or abandoned) January challenges. Our own dear Fieldpoppy just posted yesterday about how her round of January challenges went. TLDR: they went splendidly! She’s found a structure and a set of routines that support her in other parts of her life (loads of work right now). In case you missed it, here’s one of my favorite quotes:

I like the person I am when my structure for movement is both doable and enough.

Yes to this, with an emphasis on the doable-ness. Honestly, I almost never find January challenges very doable. Even though I’m well aware of the ways the calendar works, January seems to sneak up on me every year. Before all the Christmas leftovers have been cleaned out of the fridge, before I’ve put all the presents away, before I’ve acclimated myself to another year, it’s time to change the calendars and overhaul my daily habits. Or so I’m told.

This January marked some big transitions, both in my work and family life. In short, my hands and head were full of managing those, with little space for tackling shifts in my sometimes haphazard daily movement regimen.

But now it’s February, and life is settled into a recognizable routine. I now find myself looking around and thinking, “okay, I think I can take on and try out some new things. I’m ready for my (fitness) close-up now.

So, I joined a gym last week! It’s got a salt-water pool, spin classes, lovely yoga studio, all the heavy things to lift and throw around, and lots of towels, too. I’m going this week and will report back.

For February, my goal is to swim once a week and either spin or do strength training once a week.

There’s a new yin yoga class at my local studio, Artemis. I’d like to try it out, either on zoom or live in person. I still love Iyengar yoga, too, and there are several classes there every week.

For February, my goal is to do one yoga class at Artemis (either in person or live on Zoom) every week.

I’m also dog sitting through Feb 12, which is getting me outside much more than 23 minutes a day. After Dixie the dog goes back home, I will have to walk myself, which is easy to do at school. On days I’m teaching, I’ll take an extra walk around campus or at one of the nature areas nearby.

My goal for the next four week is to take short walks on or nearby campus twice a week.

So, folks, February Challenge has been unlocked. I’ll let you know how things are going. Are any of you doing February in lieu of January as challenge month? Are you still riding the wave of an active January? Are you avoiding the whole business? I’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “Maybe February is the new January: a case for showing up (late) to the challenge party

  1. Love this idea. I’ve often played with November 1 or December 1 as the new January 1. But I like February too. I’m with you. January feels like too many transitions. Christmas clean up, the APA, the start of a new term. Next thing you know it’s February.

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