Sport love: thinking about the romance of movement

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I’m just now realizing that Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. As of this writing it’s a mere 23 days away (22 as you read these words). You may be wondering:

Exactly what is your point here?

Well, once I’ve waded through the New Years’ Challenge mania, my fancy turns to sweeter goals and pastimes. Yes, I’m talking about rekindling feelings that may have dimmed, but not gone out entirely. Feelings for:

  • Swimming
  • weight training
  • in-person yoga classes
  • dance-y style exercise classes

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post, To all the sports I’ve loved before. I was waxing nostalgic for a few sports I’d dabbled in but never committed to. Would I ever revisit them? Never say never, but I’m unlikely to start fencing or doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at this point in my physical activity trajectory. Scuba is something I hope to try again, given the right conditions (warm blue water with very pretty fish of many colors nearby).

However, the list above reflects a desire to get out of my rut of doing some yoga at home, some other movement classes on youtube and walking as primary exercise. I’ve not been feeling very motivated or energetic, and novelty always provides a bit of a kickstart. What I need is something to get my attention focused, my heart racing, my pulse quickening. I need a new exercise love. Or loves.

I can do all of these things if I go ahead and join that gym I’ve been talking about for awhile now. Yes, I’ve been dragging my feet. But getting out of the house and into the locker room may be just what the doctor ordered.

Well, maybe not tomorrow, but certainly this week, I'm going to check out the place and will join if it's not terrible. Okay?
Well, maybe not tomorrow, but certainly this week, I’m going to check out the place and will join if it’s not terrible. Okay?

i’ll report back later this week on progress.

Readers, what do you do when you’re yearning for a little something-extra, something-novel in your movement regimen? Do you try out some new activity? Or is a change of venue the solution to your exercise ennui? I welcome any suggestions.