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Go Team 2023! Reminder: Everything Counts

Whether today is a straightforward day or a tangly one, I’d like to remind you that everything you do in your habit-building practice counts.

Even if the task doesn’t seem like it will add much to your overall goal, it will add to you feeling like this habit is a regular part of your life.

And when something is a regular part of your life, it feels more in reach, more like something you can fit into your busiest days, more like something you can do without having to work up a lot of energy first.

So, if at all possible, I’d like to invite you to do something teeny related to your habit right away – or at least as soon as possible.

If you are trying to move more – do a little movement now. Even getting up out of your chair and sitting back down a couple of times in a row will count.

If you are trying to meditate more – try a few deep mindful breaths or a few minutes of doodling.

If you are still trying to plan your activities for the next while, maybe you could make a list of three things to try over the next few days.

If you are trying to create a journaling habit, maybe you could write down one thing you are hopeful about.

I know that these things may feel ‘too small’ right now. They may not feel like they have anything to do with the goal you are working toward. But, everything and anything you do that helps you to wrap your brain around the tasks and systems related to your goal will help you to feel like ‘the kind of person’ who can create the habits you are seeking to create.

So please, make those small efforts and celebrate every one of them.

Here are some gold stars to help you claim those victories:

A drawing of a vase of gold stars on stems
Image description: a drawing of a vase full of gold stars on stems. The vase, which is decorated with gold trim, small black dots, and a band of squares around the neck, is resting on a tabletop.