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Starting, Stopping, and Continuing: What the Fit is a Feminist Issue Bloggers Are Up To

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Many of the Fit is a Feminist Issue bloggers reflecting on 2022 and thinking about the year ahead. I’m sure you are too. It’s that time of year. Even if you’re not big on new year’s resolutions, end of year reflections are hard to avoid.

I asked the blog team what’s one new thing you want to start in 2023? What’s a thing you want to stop doing in 2023? And what’s a thing you’re doing now that you want to continue?

Here’s our answers:


Start – figuring out a health care option as one of my feet is getting more painful. Is it getting to be time for that second bunion surgery? How do I access that without a family doctor to refer me to a surgeon?

Stop – I hope not to stop anything, but I fear ballet may need to go if the foot doesn’t improve. I’m going to try to hold on for at least another year.

Continue – doing things in the cold weather. I want to be braver on my bike, and there are new winter cross-country trails I can reach easily from my house. I have found plans for a storage system so I can carry my skis on my bike, which would be awesome.


START – Learning something new

STOP – Being so hard on myself

CONTINUE – Taking deep breaths


Start: new bedtime routine that starts at about 9:15 and ends with lights out at 10

Stop: shopping for clothes and accessories (that is a one-year project)Continue: daily meditation.

Continue: daily meditation.


Start: group fitness classes other than aquafit at my fancy new gym, read more, regular meditation
Stop: late night scrolling
Continue: riding my bike and physio, obvs.


START: Swimming again — I stopped because pools were closed during the pandemic.
STOP: Taking on so much more work.
CONTINUE: Adding more vegetarian meals to my diet. I can’t do tofu or artificial meats but I love pulses and have started finding creative ways to use them.


Start: getting outside more
Stop: taking on roles I don’t really want
Keep: meditation practice


Start: better sleep hygiene

Stop: looking at my phone in the middle of the night

Continue: doing even a little yoga most days


Start: Getting out of my comfort zone a bit more – whether adding sprints to my jogs or adding weight to my load.
Stop: Paying attention to people who irritate me (who don’t matter to me). I could use some pointers on doing this effectively.
Continue: My current workout routine really works for me and I am happy to continue (I go do strength/HIIT a few times a week, running 2/3 times a week (sometimes that becomes a spin if weather bad), yoga here and there and lots and lots and lots of walking.


Start going to a gym with a pool this January to see how that feels again. Looking forward to a salt water pool and resuming weight workouts.

Stop signing up for extracurricular evening activities like writing classes, webinars, etc on heavy teaching days; letting myself downshift into reading, relaxing, cooking, etc after a hard day seems like a better idea.

Continue counting workouts, paying as much attention to Feb/March/April as October/November/December. I always make my workout count, but wouldn’t it be interesting not to have to rush so much in December? Just a thought.


Start: regular silent meditation. I’ve been doing guided and sounds-based every morning since September, but my mind easily wanders. I’d like to practice focus.

Stop: telling myself I am alone in all this because I am clearly not. 😊

Continue: Zwifting with abandon!!!

How about you?

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  1. Thanks and Happy New Year to all of you! So much appreciation for everything you share!

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