functional fitness · Sat with Nat

Nat moved and didn’t injure herself!

It’s been 13 years since I have last moved. I was more than a bit nervous I’d injure myself. Am I tired? Heck yes! Sore? Most definitely! But definitely just fatigue. I’m so grateful.

What were the keys to getting through an epic move without getting hurt?

Team work

My partner, adult children, my sister and brother-in-law pitched in. Many hands meant no one person had to push themselves too hard.

Michel, my partner, is standing in a bathroom with a grey tile floor and a tub in the background. He is smiling at the camera. My whole family helped clean our new house. It was awesome!


I was able to pay a painter and order take-out. Outsourcing two key tasks meant I could focus on packing and moving.

Weight Training

I’ve been back at the gym twice a week for a few weeks. Getting a full range of motion and engaging muscles helped me be aware of when I could or could not lift something.

The right equipment

My sister Anj ensured we used a dolly to good effect on the heaviest items. She knew to use grippy gloves and how to work smart. I’m so grateful for her expertise!

A multiphase, multi day approach

Our house closed on Nov 16 and our rental was paid until Nov 30. We took full advantage of the two weeks to get things done. Moving some boxes each day meant the “big move” day was focused on furniture.

All the feelings, all the time!

Despite all that there were many challenging moments on the big day. Oh. And I definitely got my period so was not feeling great. I definitely cried a few times in frustration and because of anxiety.

Post move chiropractic care

I had our regular appointments set for the Monday after our moving day. It allowed me to check in with my body and I was surprised I didn’t have any injuries. Not bad for functional fitness at 48!

I’m making a silly, smiling face next to Michel. We are in our car that is full of boxes and loose items. We did it!