Sitting and getting comfortable, but not too comfortable (for meditation)

Hi everyone– I’ve been thinking more about sitting lately because I’ve a) driven a good bit the past two days; and b) went to a conference where sitting is what almost everyone is doing almost all day. Luckily I’ve been able to combine my sitting (both in car and conference room) with plenty of walking in between long sits.

But speaking of long sits, meditation presents an altogether different challenge on the sitter. You have to get comfortable, but in a way that is supportive, non-achy and non-drowsiness-provoking for maybe up to an hour (longer for some). Even sitting upright and not moving for 10–15 minutes can prove difficult. Feet fall asleep, necks twinge, calves cramp, and the imperative to move is strong. Not that moving to adjust position is a bad thing. It’s just (in my experience) that a quiet body is more conducive to a quiet mind.

I wrote this post back in 2020 (remember 2020? Never mind) about ways people sit in meditation. Of course sitting isn’t required at all– standing, lying down, walking– all of these are ways to comport one’s body while meditating. But I hope you like these options if you’re looking for a sitting posture that might work for you.


Let us know what you think....