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Ontario, by bike and by foot

This week I drove to London, Ontario from my home in Boston. I’m visiting Tracy, Samantha and other friends and giving a talk this coming week in Guelph. I’m also doing a little exploring, both local and regional.

First, the local: I took my bike out on the Thames Valley Parkway in London. It’s a fun multi-use and well-used (as far as I can tell) path for biking and walking.

It was easy riding– a lot of flat, and a some short ups and downs to make it interesting. I took a few detours to take pictures and enjoy the day.

My new Lemond e-bike on a bridge, enjoying the sun.
My new Lemond e-bike on a bridge, enjoying the sun.

On to the region: on Saturday, Tracy and I went to Bayfield, ON, a lovely little town on Lake Huron. We browsed in shops, had lunch, and walked to a pretty park on the lake.

It was a perfect day for strolling, chatting, taking pictures, and enjoying what nature and culture had to offer.

Today I head to Guelph for a BBQ at Sam’s and more exploring. So I’ll sign off now. More updates to come!