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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Flower Power!

In northern climes, March really is the cruelest month. You think it ought to be warming up a bit, but the weather often begs to differ. So what’s a feminist to do?

Answer: FLOWERS!

Apparently both Samantha and I had the same idea; we bought tulips. Tulips cheer up their environment like nobody’s business. Here are mine– yellow, peony-style tulips (new to me, but hey, I trust Trader Joe’s).

A bunch of lemon-chiffon yellow peony tulips, nodding hello to you.
A bunch of lemon-chiffon yellow peony tulips, nodding hello to you.

And then there are Samantha’s bi-color beauties; coral/orange with yellow highlights, adjusting to their new home on her table.

coral/orange tulips with yellow hints, standing up proudly on Samantha’s table.

Self-care can be and is multi-factoral, contextual, seasonal and complex. But sometimes, it can be as simple as buying tulips. Readers, what do you think? Do flowers play a role in your ongoing lives? Does flower power really work for you? Let us know.

One thought on “Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Flower Power!

  1. Yes! Many years ago I was the produce manager in a grocery co-op. In February and March, daffodils were available from the Pacific Northwest. They were ridiculously cheap. I would buy a case, put some at the checkout counters and the office, scatter them in available places to put a vase, and sell the rest. They brightened up both my workplace and my home!

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