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Making Space: Day 16

Today is my Mom’s birthday so my first suggestion for making some space for yourself is to do what I can remember her doing when I was a kid – putting on your favourite music and humming along while you do the things you need to do and want to do today.

My Mom’s selections back in the day (and probably still) included Helen Reddy, The Mamas and the Papas, The Fifth Dimension, and a fair number of Girl Guide recordings but you can pick your own soundtrack, of course.

My second suggestion is this fun cardio workout that is entirely unrelated to the fact that it is Mom’s birthday.

I had to modify the first part of this one quite a bit because jumping is not on my exercise menu right now but I enjoyed the video all the same.

A warm-up video from the Quick Fit Fun YouTube channel. There are no spoken instructions on this one, just music. Video photo is two images of the instructor, in the foreground she is looking back over her shoulder at the camera and in the other she is standing on an exercise mat and leaning forward to touch her right fingers to her right foot. There is a white brick wall behind her in the second image. Text on the top of the image reads ‘5 min energizing home muscle warm up routine.’ text at the bottom reads ‘The Smiling Trainer.’

And for our relaxation/meditation video today, I thought you might enjoy this tutorial about box breathing. I find this type of breathing exercise extremely helpful when I am agitated and maybe you will, too.

A short Box Breathing video from the Sunnybrook Hospital YouTube channel. The still image shows a blue background with white text reading Box breathing. In the centre of the image is a person with shoulder length purple hair and a pink sweater with a yellow cloud-like shape behind her. She is surrounded by a light purple box.

Whether you do these videos, spend your day humming along to your favourite songs, or whether you try something else entirely, I wish you ease.

For your efforts: ⭐️

PS: Happy Birthday, Mom! Have big fun! 🎂🎁🎉🥳💚

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