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Making space: Day 7

I’m writing this on Monday evening and it has been a jumble of a day.

So I am giving myself a little extra space and taking a few extra deep breaths and I am keep this post short.

Here is your star for your efforts so far: ⭐️

And here are your videos to help you make some space for yourself today:

If you are like me and hold a life of tension in your neck, this video from Dr Jo can help:

A neck pain relief stretch video from Dr Jo’s YouTube channel. The still image shows Dr. Jo wearing a blue T-shirt with a flying dog printed on it, she is sitting on a black chair and doing a neck stretch. The rest of her set is white.

This was the kind of meditation that I needed today, maybe it’s the same for you?

The still image for this video from the Great Meditation YouTube channel is a black background with white lettering reading Focus Clarity. Between the white lettering is yellow lettering in a handwriting font that reads ‘5 minute meditation’

Wishing you ease and self-kindness today and always.

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