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Nat is thankful for pain free feet

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I write a lot about walking. Yup. Still happening every day and averaging 13,000 steps a day this year. That’s up from 9,800 last year. Yay!

I was talking to friends this week about that moment in your life where you don’t take pain free walking for granted. This revelation came to me in waves. First, when pregnant, more recently I had a serious bout of plantar fasciitis a couple years ago. It hurt so much!

Oh, did I say a couple years? It’s been 3, time flies. I’m in good company with my foot woes here at our blog and that is somehow comforting.

Catherine has written about her foot care

As has Tracy

And Sam has a cranky toe

So I’m especially thankful that I’m more aware of my feet and what I need to do to care for them.

A variety of footwear in good repair

I continue to buy good quality footwear. I’ve added variety from Keen slip on sandals with structured support to Manitobah moccasins that have a supple sole to ensure my feet get a full range of motion. I have a more supportive Keen hiking sandal as well as insulated slip on Merrel clogs. ALL THE FOOTWEAR.

I regularly inspect my footwear for wear and tear and throw them out when repairs are no longer keeping them functional. No more worn out shoes for me!

Stretching and massaging

I’m seated with my left leg extended. My right foot rests on my left thigh as I massage the sole of my right foot.

I stretch my soles, toes, calves and ankles throughout the day. I continue to use spiked balls, softer wool ones that Catherine recommended and yoga straps to help.

Even on the couch I point and flex my feet. I try to scrunch up my toes and also spread them apart. There are lots of popping and crunching sounds but no pain. Yay!

Shoe free time

Some folks wear shoes indoors to support their feet. I find having bare foot time helpful in experiencing a full range of motion in my feet and checking in with how my feet are doing. If they get cranky I slip on some Merrels I keep inside for daytime use.

Sitting and Standing

Both got my paid work and my housework, I alternate between sitting and standing to work my feet and rest them.

I am taking a Zoom choir where I stand for 90 minutes. I don’t like singing seated, there’s too much boob, belly and thigh competing for space to get my breathing right. It has caused me to realize an hour of standing is really my limit so I do sit…or even lay down to sing.

Checking in with my feet

All of this to say I now pay attention if there is tenderness or aches in my feet. I get investigative and reflect on what has changed and what steps I can take to keep my feet functioning.

Is there some ache that you have been able to turn around? What did you do? How are you sustaining the changes/supports?

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