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Blogging in September: My birthday, the blog’s birthday, back to school, and other themes

There are lots of things I could write about today. I’ve spent a fair bit of time pondering my choice of topics.

I was going to write about my annual thyroid cancer check up. It’s today. And if all goes well it’s my last annual check up. (Fingers crossed.) After today they’re every five years. My birthday last week was also mammogram day. It’s as if September weren’t a busy enough month for an academic. It’s also cancer screening season for me.

I thought about writing whether Tracy and I want to write a turning 60 book, to follow up our turning 50 project, Fit at Midlife: A Feminist Fitness Journey. We’re having dinner together tonight and no doubt the subject will come up

Let’s see. It’s also blog birthday season. As Tracy posted, happy 9th birthday blog! We’re nearly at 5000 posts too. That’s hard to believe. This post is 4990!

And the blog’s birthday and my birthday, not surprisingly given how the blog got started, are pretty close together. Another possible topic, what does 57 mean anyway?

Here’s a photo from my birthday bike ride!

Jeff, Dhurin, me, Kim, Ellen and Sarah on the birthday bike ride

At this time of year I often write about back to school and trying to stay physically active as work gets busier and busier. This year, unlike last, I’m back in my office. I’m not yet back at the gym.

I’m having big busy days filled with work and people. So many people! I gave a lecture to O-Week students (photo on the right) and hung out with incoming College of Arts students at our Food Truck lunch meet and greet (photo on the left.)

I also biked around meeting parents and students on move-in day. (Round photo at the bottom.)

Sam’s pink Bromption outside Zavitz Hall at the University of Guelph

I’m back in the office now, wearing (mostly) real clothes. I looked at my clothes the other day and wondered why there were so many pairs of yoga pants. Who needs five pairs of yoga pants? Oh right, work from home and the pandemic. I could write about wearing clothes again. I’m working my way back to real shoes but I am not there yet.

In recent years I’ve been suffering a bit from seasonal sadness and trying to tell myself new stories about fall and winter, leaning into the time of cold and dark. I’ve been trying to extend outdoor activities into the fall. We’re going canoe camping again one more time this fall. And we are also looking at more fall gravel riding plans. So there’s that.

I’m a bit nervous that the no travel thing is continuing and it looks like this will be another year in which I don’t get to go somewhere warm with my bike for the winter. I miss the southern US! I miss Florida and Arizona for winter cycling.

In the end, I just want to let you know how much we’ve been enjoying our time in Prince Edward County and likely will continue that into the autumn too.

How’s your September starting out as we move into the fall?

Here’s a farm frog and a some pumpkins.

Frog and pumpkins

4 thoughts on “Blogging in September: My birthday, the blog’s birthday, back to school, and other themes

  1. I tell myself winter is time to ski. But in reality I love spring skiing the best. It’s just so dark in December and January.

  2. My South Florida September is going awesome. Early morning bike rides and evening produce the best rides. Nice Posting! Onward!

  3. Fingers crossed all was good at the thyca followup (I’m 15 years out). Thyca specialist? Different from a regular endocrinologist? That’d be nice. Hoping the mammo was good also. I’ve got a backlog of screenings, some lined up already, spilling over into next year, and some I can’t schedule yet due to to insurance (e.g., regular screening mammo must be minimum 366 days from last one). December is looking health-hectic (another colonoscopy, eeek) but if anyone wants to schedule things for week of Christmas/New Year’s, my folks had appointments open (which I did not take).

    Happy belated birthday! What *does* 57 mean, anyway? (asks the 55 year old)

    I hope you and Tracy decided to write another book, hooking it to female fitness and age 60 would be great – so few writing/talking about it at all let alone from first-person experience. Of course, I’d like a new book tomorrow, but I know it takes time.

    I love love LOVE fall. I miss it, living in the mid-Atlantic area of the US. Hoping we’ve seen our last 80 degree day (two days ago).

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