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What strength looks like

Hey– anyone interested in experiencing a full range of emotions in five minutes? Watch this 5-minute video of the Olympic women’s 55kg category weight-lifting competition.

SPOILER: Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines’ first Olympic gold medal. But even though you know how it ends, it’s so worth it to witness the process.

UPDATE: Since readers outside the US can’t view this (oops!), I found some other videos here and here and here. The first one is low-fidelity of people watching her on TV and screaming in delight when Diaz wins. The others are Philippines and Chinese news.

What do I see from watching women who are the best in the world at doing what they do, doing that thing:

  • What strength looks like
  • What concentration looks like
  • What decision-making looks like
  • What relief looks like
  • What joy looks like

Watching these wonderful women, I held my breath, barely blinking, and cried with relief and joy and gratitude at their efforts.

Okay, I admit it: the Olympics brings out the sappiness in me. So sue me. But I dare you not to get a little misty-eyed while watching these women.

Hey– anyone out there having a special Olympics moment they want to share? I’ve got extra kleenexes and am ready to use them; lemme know.