Riding bikes in skirts and dresses, totally fine if that’s your thing, here’s how (#reblog, #blogluv)

It’s spring! And time to get on our bikes and ride. And if you want to do that in skirts and dresses, go right ahead. Enjoy.


Frocks on Bikes, New Zealand

Though I’ve been a commuting cyclist for many years, it’s only recently I’ve gotten comfortable with riding to work in skirts and dresses. It’s a sweat thing mostly, not a modesty thing.

It’s hot here and I ride in cycling clothes and change once I get to work.

But the last few summers I’ve had lots of errands, lunch dates etc thing to do basically on my way to and from work. I also took my first stay at home sabbatical which meant more daytime errand running, on my bicycle. I started wearing my regular clothes on my bike and my regular summer clothes are mostly summer dresses and skirts. I love it. I like riding bikes in skirts a lot more than I like running skirts.

How do I do it?

Bike shorts under my skirts and dresses. That was key. No modesty…

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