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Top Ten Posts in February 2021, #ICYMI

  1. Catherine hopes that The Biggest Loser won’t be renewed.

It’s over

2. At 53 1/2 Cate was still menstruating and her post about it is always on our top ten list.

3. Nike designs easy to put on running shoes, the internet makes ableist comments about it, and Sam blogged about the dust up.

4. Sam also blogged about Under Armour’s new inclusive ad.

5. If you’re looking for a good beginners’ race on Zwift, Sam has advice.

Penny Farthing bike race

6. Love it when a guest post makes the top 10 list. Michele wrote about Hit Play, Not Pause, a podcast about active living and menopause.

7. Nicole is shocked at her scale’s idea of her metabolic age.

8. Crotch shots, upskirts and sports reporting. An older post of Sam’s with all the right words for the search engines. But remember they have to click on a blog post with the word “feminist” in the title before we hear about it. So there’s that.

9. Sam’s Lent isn’t a 40 day diet challenge post is always a hit at this time of year.

10. Cate wrote about catching lotuses with her vagina and recently reblogged that post and here it is.