It’s World Yoga Day

Image is a cartoon by Sandra Boynton celebrating World Yoga Day. It shows various creatures in different yoga poses.

I came to yoga late. I think it was because I associated it with looking a certain way and being a certain size. A friend introduced me to hatha yoga about 15 years ago, and I quite liked the mix of bodies and levels of experience represented.

My favourite is yin yoga. I have very tight, cranky muscles and ligaments. This yoga practice helps me focus as it stretches me out. Throughout the pandemic I have heard of many people picking up yoga for relieving emotional tightness and anxiety. My friends have found online yoga classes to be helpful.

If you are new to yoga, look for someone who is wiling to provide modifications for various body types and abilities. It is perfectly acceptable to use props like blocks and bolsters to get you in the position. No one starts off being able to get into crow position or reach a headstand. Begin where you are, even if you start at breathing.

Be well, stay well.