Catching lotuses with my vagina (#reblog, #bloglove)

We’re reblogging some of our favourite posts of all time this week at the Fit Feminist blog… this one stands out for me because I had so much fun writing it. Someone asked me recently how my pelvic wall was doing and I had to shamefacedly admit that I’m a pandemic slacker on this front. Back to the boops!

#reblog #bloglove #healthyvagina


Remember last month, when the bots started flooding me withads for leak-proof underwear and dire warnings about the need to improve my pelvic floor strength? And then I wandered into the territory of vaginal atrophy? (Very much a “dear god, this parachute is a knapsack!” moment, leading to all sorts of people giving me Advice about my Vagina).

Well, that first step in that little obsession with something that — frankly — I had literally never thought about before, was an ad for a little device called a “perifit,” a game-ified way to work out your pelvic floor muscles with a cute little blue-toothed app for your phone. From what I could tell, it looks like a sex toy, but promises something far greater than mere momentary pleasure — it strengthens your pelvic floor, prevents incontinence and prolapse, and boosts your intimate wellbeing. It promises alifetime

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One thought on “Catching lotuses with my vagina (#reblog, #bloglove)

  1. So curious….after more than a year…what’s the verdict? And are bots still telling your what to do with your vagina?


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