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Why we can’t promise a feminist space will be a safe space (#reblog #bloglove)

The blog has been going for over eight years now and on Sam’s prompt, we are reblogging some favourite posts. I don’t have one favourite post among the more than 700 of mine that I have to choose from. But I chose to reblog this one because even though it’s a bit “meta,” and not about fitness, it’s a meaningful (to me) reflection on what we are trying to do here and the limits of what we can control. It was also a real turning point for me because it required an awareness and admission of my own bad behaviour, calling myself out for having conducted myself in a way that was decidedly NOT conducive to “what we are trying to achieve.”
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Image description: Colourful drawing of five women in silhouette, suggestive of diverse ethnicities/races. Image description: Colourful drawing of five women in silhouette, suggestive of diverse ethnicities/races.

We here at Fit Is a Feminist Issue like to talk about our “big tent feminism” and how we try to make space for everyone. That’s a lofty goal, I know. One of my favourite questions in feminism is “is an inclusive feminism possible?” I use it as a thematic frame for most of my teaching in feminist philosophy and women’s studies, as a way of pushing people in my classes to think about inclusivity and intersectionality not just as theoretical ideas, but in their actual material practices.

It’s hard. We struggle. People get defensive. There are misunderstandings. Hurt feelings. Anger. Difficult conversations. People are called on their privilege and need to look at that. People are afraid to speak for fear of offending, excluding, saying the wrong thing on a multitude of other levels, sounding closed…

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One thought on “Why we can’t promise a feminist space will be a safe space (#reblog #bloglove)

  1. I wasn’t aware of your linked 2018 blog post, Tracy.

    What I tell myself in my reaction for this blog…is not to feel lousy. I will say this:
    I fall into the privileged university educated feminist, I have 2 university degrees.. a woman of colour. I am in same age bracket as several bloggers for this blog. I have well paying public sector job as a professional and a long career of incredible job experiences. I have 5 other siblings all university graduates, working in various, some related jobs…in Canada. Yet we are aware our successes do stand on the shoulders of immigrant working class parents.

    I’ve been cycling for last 29 years as my main form of transportation since I chose not to drive decades ago.

    For sure, yet there are parts of the blog I skim over..because I can’t relate often. Also in reality, I don’t discuss much or think a whole lot about fitness, food, etc. in daily life. I know the bloggers don’t either.

    With the Blacks Lives Matter and anti-Asian sentiment in some situations during this pandemic, I feel closer to those concerns…instead of just my fitness, food and health.

    I don’t feel shitty when I drop by this blog. I just feel one step, quite distant/ removed from some experiences here. I’m certain you’ve had some guest bloggers who are of colour, transgender, etc. However it wouldn’t be surprising good bloggers….just want their own blog platform, especially if they enjoy writing and sharing their own favourite topics which might the same or goes into a different direction more often.


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