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10 unsung health benefits of oranges

We at Fit is a Feminist Issue occasionally receive topic suggestions from readers. Sometimes they’re straightforward (e.g. sport bra reviews), but other times less so.

This is one of those times.

But because you asked, we give you:

The top 10 (well, 10 at least) amazing (uh, possibly noteworthy) health-ish benefits of oranges (why did they leave off the s? Who knows)

10. they have antioxidants, which protect your cells against free radicals, which, uh, I’m out of explanations now…

9. they smell good, and smelling good is almost like being good

Mmmm. Orange. I feel more virtuous already.

8. you can juggle with them, which is a good physical and mental activity

Woman juggles oranges in front of board with xs and os.

7. you don’t need a prescription to buy them

Woman buying oranges in a grocery store. Bonus: that store apparently lets her ride her bike to the produce aisle.

6. even though the peel tastes awful, you can eat it too (according to this article: )

5. opening one with your hands provides strength and motor skills training

There’s a right way to peel an orange, says the internet. This is it.

Bonus public service announcement: if you happen to have an air compressor, little time and need a peeled orange pronto, you can do this:

4. even though they’re acidic, they won’t burn through your clothing

3. they’re yummy for your tummy

a cute creature offering us a yummy juicy orange.

2. if you have a few weeks, you can extract the oil to make, uh, extracted orange oil; look here for more detail than you thought possible on this topic.

1. they’re round, and the circle is the most perfect form (Proclus, Greek philosopher)

Round, real oranges in all their glory.

So reader, have you been converted to orange lovers? Are you maintaining your status as apple holdouts? Let’s talk fruit…