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Three rides on a Sunday. Why?


Sunday evening bike rides are a thing among completists. Cyclists usually have weekly mileage goals and then check Sunday to see how they are doing. This can lead to the oddball distance Sunday night ride.

Now in normal times. I am so not a completist. I’m known to resist the lure of the even number and the Sunday night ride. See Are you a completist? If so, you’ll wonder why Sam didn’t go for a short Sunday night bike ride!.

My usual mileage goal is 100 km.

These day though I am riding lots more. This week I got to Sunday and was already over 145 km.

Riding with a friend on a Sunday morning

My Sunday began with freshly baked croissants and an 11 am social ride with a friend who is just starting his indoor, winter training. Since we’re in different cities now and there’s a pandemic on, we’re riding in Zwift. We set out to do the TickTock route, a nice, flat 17-ish km in Watopia. It was wild though because that’s the route for the WTRL race this Tuesday and every racing Zwifter was out there giving the course a ride-over. Luckily the meetup function in Zwift keeps people together no matters what watts or speed you’re putting out. That’s very useful and we had a fun ride chatting on FB messenger as we rode.


(Thought: I could set up a Fit is a Feminist Issue meet up ride some time if enough of us are interested. Let me know!)

So that got me up to 162 or so km.

Next up, a bunch of work work and yard work and house stuff, followed by the TFC club social ride at 3:15. That was a chatty bunch of laps in Richmond with fun sprints each lap. We also raced the last 5km. Look at all the red! I think you can tell I was working hard. I’m also wearing the green sprint jersey. The club ride was 37 km.

Recovering at the end of the TFC social ride

You can see where this is leading. There I was at the end of the day just a few kilometers short of 200 km.

So while Sarah and I were chatting about dinner plans I hopped on the bike and rounded out my week in virtual France. (It was also a well rounded day in terms of places: Watopia, Richmond, and France.)


There, I did it!


Happy now completist friends?

Honestly, it felt good. I might have regretted not finishing the distance. And I’ve increased my weekly cycling goal to match my new habits.