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Sam adds the Dutch Diesel Cycling Dames Peleton to her list of fave group rides on Zwift

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I blogged about great group rides on Zwift here and made some additions here.

Then last night–thanks to a stone cold dead iPad–I missed the start of the Monday night TFC race. Grrr! I also missed the new Canadian Cycling group ride. I love Zwift but hate the technical challenges.

By the time I (okay, we, thanks Sarah) sorted out how to connect my phone to the big TV my planned options had passed. I scoured the Companion app, as one does, for another ride and came across the Dutch Diesel Cycling Dames Peleton group ride.

Aha! Flat, with sprints. Right up my alley. I’ve been riding up some pretty big hills lately and this sounded like a welcome alternative. And it was. I had a terrific ride and I think I’ll be back.

What did I like so much about it?

First, it was run by women and the women on the ride far outnumbered the men but men were welcome. I generally don’t like sex segregated spaces–where do my gender non binary friends go?–but cycling can be pretty male dominated. So, for me, a ride that’s run by women but allows people of all genders to take part is a pretty wonderful thing

Second, it was exactly as advertised. They advertised a pace and they stuck with it. They put up the fence and called upon the faster riders to help out at the back.

Third, sprinting! Yes, there was a fence and yes, there was a commitment to sticking to speed but they also allowed and encouraged sprinting. Whee!

Here’s my sprint times. Happy to get a PR that last time through.

The loop is about 5 km and approaching the sprint, the fence came off, and after the sprint, we coasted and regrouped and the fence went back up. Perfection.

Fourth, it was that perfect time of day–late in Eastern Time zone –very early morning in parts of Europe, early in the evening on the West coast of North America and midday in Australia. I loved all the flags!

Thanks Dutch Diesel Cycling Dames Peleton! I’ll be back.

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