Ainazi to Parnu (65 k)

My Facebook memories keep reminding me that 3 years ago, I was riding my bike alone across Latvia and Estonia. For a taste of the freedom of solo bike travel during a close-to-home time, I’m going to reblog some of my favourite posts from that trip this week. Enjoy 😉

The squeak of the suspension, a slight rattle of my handlebar bag. Soft wind, sky dissolving from bright blue to faintly grey. Slight bruising in my sitting bones after two and a half days on the bike, slightly sore right foot. Left foot not clipped in because I lost a screw from the spd yesterday and it seized when I tried to make do with one screw. Fields of golden wheat on one side, green green on the other, purple lupins and an occasional daisy. Silent road, except for the occasional, always faintly ominous, farm dog. About 35 km into my ride.

I breathe deep and am suffused with a moment of ease, pure gratitude. How is it I ended up on this lonely Estonian country road? How is it I have a life that means I’m physically strong enough, supported enough, flush enough, lucky enough, to do this kind…

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