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Emptying out my locker at the campus gym

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Lockers in a gym. Photo from Unsplash.

Gyms across Ontario (most of the province anyway) are reopening tomorrow.

But I won’t be going.


Well, read this: COVID-19 and the Gym: Building Engineers Weigh In (Guest Post) And I’d rather expend the small amount of risk I’m prepared to take elsewhere. (Hi adult kids!)

I said goodbye to the campus fitness centre way back in early March so it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a gym.

In a case of weird timing, today was also the day I had to go the campus fitness centre to empty my locker. There was a pretty strict COVID-19 process involved: I completed an online self assessment tool and then was asked the same questions at the door. I wore a mask and used the hand sanitizer. I stayed 6 feet away from the one other person allowed in at the same time as me. I carefully followed the markings into the locker room and exited through a different door.

There were other rules too: No personal bags. Instead, they provided a plastic bag. No friends. NO symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath. No travel outside of Canada in the previous 14 days. NO close contact with a confirmed or probably case of COVID-19.

All good. Mission successful. I actually wasn’t sure what I’d left there. Turns out it was all my swimming stuff. Three fitness bathing suits, paddles of various sorts, bathing caps, goggles etc.

It all felt strange and sad. When I left the gym for the last time in March I think I was imagining being gone for a couple of months. Lately the long haul nature of the pandemic is starting to hit home.

In the meantime, Gryphons Fitness staff are offering lots of Instagram Live classes. You can see them by following their Instagram channel. In the fall, some of these classes will move outdoors for students who are here in Guelph.

The numbers are really good for the online classes. Have a look!

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