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Gardening, Dead Lifts & Squats

Recommended soundtrack: Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes)

Recommended equipment: Floppy/big brimmed hat, hardy gloves, sunscreen and knee pads.

While the weather is unseasonable cold & snowy (ew!) in London, Ontario today I’m still all about my garden. Lately I’ve been missing the gym so have been looking for ways to get more intense activity into my day.

I love gardening in our city lot, growing food & beauty.

A very close head shot of half my face, my new green & yellow earrings from Ms. Antone’s Beadwork that match the daffodils in bloom.

Since my yard is mostly perennials the arrival of Spring means a lot of tidying up of edges and removal of detritus. This year, instead of going about things willie-nillie I thought I’d try being more deliberate with the postures I assume as I work.

Turns out you can dead lift branches, a full wheelbarrow or a puppy!

I’m also doing deep squats while I weed. Standing forward bends, lunges, seated forward bends and more can be ways I do work in my garden.

I choose to use hand tools instead of power tools. It’s a small garden and it’s ok if it takes a bit longer to use a buck saw or hand clippers. Plus the upper body & grip strength help counteract all the poor ergonomics of computer work.

I’m thankful I’m able to spend more time in my garden and be deliberate about it. What is something you are choosing to do more of lately?

2 thoughts on “Gardening, Dead Lifts & Squats

  1. It’s been very nice to have the time to be deliberate. I hope to continue being deliberate after the pandemic ends. Enjoy your garden – hoping the sunshine’s soon.

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