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Yoga with Adriene (and Cheddar)

I’m sporadically doing Yoga with Adriene this month. Usually it’s Adriene and her dog Benji and me and my dog Cheddar on our respective mats.

I’ve loved all the photos of people doing yoga at home with kids, with dogs, and with cats too. People are sharing them on social media. This weekend I’m doing Yoga with Adriene in a conference hotel in sunny Tuscon, Arizona. The big upside? Space and time to myself.

I realize that paying for yoga classes in a studio is one kind of privilege. Another kind of privilege is having a house with space to do yoga at home. The only room in our house with yoga space is the living room and it’s usually occupied. I’m self conscious, really self conscious, doing yoga with an audience, even a family audience. Also people talk over Adriene’s instructions.

Starting next week, for the first time in twenty seven years, I’m going to have an empty nest. No kids at home once the youngest goes away on a university exchange to Australia. Maybe his room can be the at home yoga studio?

Where do you do yoga at home? Who keeps you company?

9 thoughts on “Yoga with Adriene (and Cheddar)

  1. My cat is pretty disinterested in yoga unlike seeming every other cat on the internet. I do yoga in my bedroom – sometimes my husband is in the room and sometimes not. We’re empty nesters so it’s just us and the cat.

  2. I do yoga in my bedroom with the door closed. Sometimes my cats watch but they’re rather unimpressed with my yoga prowess. I don’t mind doing yoga in a group class as generally everyone is focused on what they are doing. It’s different at home. I need privacy.

  3. I live alone and do yoga in my living room. One cat is usually very interested and wants me to pet him for nearly the whole practice, since I’m so conveniently on the floor with him. He brushes up against my hands, knees, head, or makes biscuits on my legs or arms. The other is usually disinterested unless I forgot to feed her before practicing.

  4. Thanks to your suggestion, I am a new Yoga with Adriene devotee. My yoga mat lives at work for our group plank and stretch sessions, so I do yoga in my bedroom on a little carpet, sometimes assisted by one of my cats.

  5. I do YWA in my living room, or the living room of my parent’s house with my sister & mom when I’m home. I’m not a regular with it, but I’m trying to incorporate some yoga practice along with the power lifting I’ve been doing this year. I need a thicker mat or a rug underneath my regular mat, I’m finding, because the hardwood floor is very hard on my knees. My cat usually ignores me, preferring to stay upstairs in bed, and I have no one else to observe my flailing.

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