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Top Ten Posts in May, #ICYMI

  1. Women, sport and sex tests: Why Caster Semenya matters a great deal
  2. On vibrators as athletic trophies, or when a prize is not a prize
  3. Sam gets told “get off the road fat bitch”
  4. I’m 53 and a 1/2 and I’m still menstruating
  5. The Latest Weird Thing About a Stiff Neck
  6. Crotch shots, upskirts, sports reporting, and the objectification of female athletes’ bodies
  7. Harassment is not a compliment (Guest post)
  8. The humbling moment when you go back to lifting weights
  9. CrossFit and Women’s Bodies
  10. End Game strikes some wrong notes for size acceptance
Image description: A calendar that says “May” on a green wall. Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash .

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts in May, #ICYMI

  1. Congrats, Martha, on the number 1 spot and such a great post on an important topic! I’m trying to figure out what is resonating with folks. Any thoughts, looking over various months, anyone?

    Yes, we all know that any post with the word “vibrator” in it will get more hits. But beyond that, I wonder what’s really speaking to them, if we can determine any patterns.

    1. I’m interested in this, too!
      I haven’t been very methodical about it, but since I started contributing, I’ve been noting which articles end up on the monthly list. I haven’t seen any obvious patterns so far, but as I say, I’m not being very scientific in my approach. 🙂

    2. Anything on body image and weight. Also hot current events, posts tied to things in the news, where we provide important background and context (like Martha’s top post). Interesting to see Cate’s “still bleeding” post joining the ranks of older posts that keep on keeping on! (Like the CrossFit and Women’s Bodies and Upskirting and Crotch Shots.) Also anger and humour do well.

  2. I found the debate about the crotch shot photo interesting. In Australia we have just had a big debate and fierce fight back against horrendous trolls who made ugly (disgusting) comments about a shot of one of our top women’s Australian Rules footballers in full flight.
    It is an amazing photo perfectly timed to catch the sheer athleticism of the kick. And it is in line with no doubt hundreds of shots of male footballers taken in the one hundred years of elite men’s AFL before we had an elite women’s league.
    The media company who first posted the shot took it down in response to the troll attacks. Cue outrage! We wanted the photo and for them to fight back against the trolls, and they did. It has been a 20-30 year fight by many to get an elite women’s footy league. Be damned if a small minded few were going to hold us back. In women’s footy it will now be an iconic image.
    And of note – this winter there are over 1000 women’s teams registered to play Aussie rules in the state of Victoria alone. If she can see it, she can be it!

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