Moderate Fitspo Works for Me #tbt

Moderate fitspo anyone? I find these moderate messages to be a breath of fresh air and hope you do too.
Here’s to keeping it real!


mod fitspo easier betterA few days ago something wonderful went viral:  moderate fitspo from Lean Girl in  Training.   At first it looks like regular old (unmotivating at best, shaming and even dangerous at worst) fitspo.

But in fact, it’s not like that at all.  It writes over and adds stuff to the regular fitspo it cribs from. The message “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better,” has been scrawled over so that it now reads, “It does get easier & you also get better.”

And “four simple rules” have been changed into four simple “tips” that support moderation:

mod fitspo 4 simple rules

Yes, “Lean Girl in Training” has her height-weight stats and is trying to lose weight.  But in addition to the goal weights, she has another goal, which she thinks of as her ultimate goal:  “Ultimate goal: to be free from chronic tendinitis; to be able to write, lift, walk and run…

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