Resilience: Learning to Bounce Back #tbt

Is it just me, or are a lot of people feeling beleaguered and stretched to their limits lately? Between the political times, the heat, daily pressures, and unexpected life events that you can’t plan for (I don’t have any of these right now but I know people who do), it just feels like a lot. Which brings me to the topic of resilience — and guess what? I posted about it around this time four years ago. Obviously I needed it then. And for different reasons I can use the reminder today (on a side note: the Kincardine swim did NOT get cancelled that year and in the end I had an amazing time at the event).


Image: bouncing soccer ball. credit:  Bouncing Back Blog at Psych Central. Image: bouncing soccer ball. credit: Bouncing Back Blog at Psych Central.

The OED has two definitions of resilience.

1. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

2. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

I’ve been thinking about resiliency lately because I’m going through one of those times where it feels as if life is constantly challenging me.  I won’t get into the life stuff much here, but I also need to call up my resilience when it comes to my athletic pursuits lately.

The most recent setback was more emotional than anything else. I was all stoked (and still am!) for the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon. There were a whole bunch of us making the trip.

Then various realities got in other people’s way. Natalie can’t exert herself right now. Sam has had to take a time out from running. Her sister-in-law…

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One thought on “Resilience: Learning to Bounce Back #tbt

  1. Great post Tracy. Loved it. I’m in the military where resiliency is critical to maintain your sanity and I can assure you I’ve had my fair share of issues over the years serving on active duty in the army. Running has kept me calm and has helped a ton. Hope the triathlon goes awesome for you. I’m a marathon runner but am not doing the 140 mile weeks I was doing (hold a 2:19 best). How I survived that training is beyond me. hahaha You might also consider red tea. I knew nothing about the detoxifying abilities that is contained in it. Ran across this site which had some good reviews on it. I have so many friends that are fatigued and many are over weight, fortunately for us we exercise but it is sad that so many restaurants here in the states are selling foods high in chemicals (pesticides). Keep up the great work with your blog and continued success. Nathan


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