A great 2019 challenge: #morebikelessphone

We’re a few months into the new year now but you still might want a challenge. It’s almost time for a spring challenge and I like the sounds of this one.

Lots of people want to exercise more and use their phones less. Why not combine those two goals?

See A new year’s resolution to get you riding more.

Make a deal with yourself to spend more time on the bike (at the gym, or whatever) than you do on your phone. There are lots of apps now that track the time you spend on your phone and what you’re doing while you’re there.

Here’s Bobby Lea on how his #morebikelessphone challenge began:

” It was a crisp Sunday in November, and despite being a week after the foliage peaked, the bright sun and bluebird sky gave the fading leaves one last shot of color. I hadn’t been able to ride much the week before so I grabbed my mountain bike and headed for out a day on the trails. After four hours of cruising around the woods I came home tired, happy, and feeling good about my week. That glow lasted until the following day when my new screen time-tracking app gave me my weekly report: a whopping 16 hours on my phone over the course of seven days! I had read that the national average is around three hours a day, so I while I gloated for a minute, I was brought back down by the unavoidable comparison to the only other metric I track by hours: my time on a bike. While I’d spent 16 hours staring at and scrolling through my phone, I’d only managed to spend 10 hours in the saddle

Read here and see how much progress he made.

Are you tempted by this sort of combo challenge? How about #morerunnninglessTV?

Image description: A white hand in the woods, with a white wristband, throwing a phone up in the air. Photo by Unsplash.