Tracy takes her new camera obsession to personal training


It’s a busy time of year to develop a new obsession, but whatever. I have gone through various stages in my life where I got into photography for a while. But I’ve only ever owned one SLR camera, a hand-me-down Canon from my Dad. That was about 20 years ago, before digital. I threw myself into it for awhile, even set up a dark room. But then I moved and I couldn’t get the dark room set up again, and the next thing I knew I had a digital point and shoot, and I shelved the other camera.

But I never lost my fascination for photography or my desire to take pictures. I just didn’t foster that with anything more than a decent smart phone. Fast forward twenty years. Oh has the world of SLRs changed! No longer do I have to wonder how my shot turned out, either taking my film in for processing or rushing home to develop it myself. Today, with digital cameras, I can take as many shots as I like. This has proven a good thing. Since last weekend, I have probably taken about 600 pictures with an incredible Canon D80 that I borrowed from the Arts and Humanities Equipment Loan desk in my Faculty (I didn’t know about this until last week, and I was on it the very next day).

My Dad is loaning me his Canon, which is similar to the one I’ve been borrowing, for the winter. I’m getting it from him on December 17, on our way to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, I’ve got the D80.

So I kind of can’t put it down, which means I took it with me to personal training the other day. And it turns out that the studio is pretty cool to take pictures in. So here’s a little sampling of what I shot that day in the personal training studio with Paul, my (and Sam’s) personal trainer. (I do understand that not everyone has to be on board with everyone else’s obsessions, but photography seems to be one thing that captures people’s attention, so here it is).