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Oh, how the mighty have fallen: Step counting with a busted knee

This summer during the workplace step counting challenge I was averaging about 18,000 steps a day. Woohoo!

That was partly a matter of rising to the challenge but largely a matter of living in a very big house and owning a dog that needs walking.

These days though my goals are much, much smaller. I’ve injured my knee and it’s been painful to walk. Stairs are the worst but even flat surfaces take their toll.

I’m not supposed to do anything that irritates my knee so that means no stairs. As a result I’ve been hunting down elevators in all the buildings I work in. It’s been eye opening.

My Garmin sets a step goal for me based on what I’ve actually been walking. The idea is that it’s a challenge but not too big a challenge to be dispiriting. I laughed today though when I met my step goal at 3,998 steps.

Further, I met the goal while walking around a large suburban shopping mall on the Southwest side of Chicago.

My knee is getting better. I’ve seen the doctor. I’ve had an x-ray. Physio starts Tuesday. And in waiting for an MRI. Injury is part of an athletic lifestyle and I’m taking care of myself. Who am I kidding? Injuries are part of life, part of aging. The physio clinic says that inactivity and sedentary lifestyles are worse for arthiritic knees than movement.

And look, while mall walking I bought this new leather jacket. I love the faux fur collar. Life isn’t all bad.

7 thoughts on “Oh, how the mighty have fallen: Step counting with a busted knee

  1. Having injured both knees this summer I can relate to this. So frustrating to be slowed down or even completely stopped. But take the time you need, it is worth it.

  2. Injuries are frustrating, and, for me, a good reminder not to measure my worth in activity/physical accomplishment. Glad that you’re seeing healing progress.

    You look very snazzy in that picture! I adore your short curls. 🙂

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