The Inactivity Gravity Well

I’m in one. I’ve been sucked down. 

I didn’t even go riding this week and that’s saying something. 

It started after my personal best 10k. I didn’t go back to running immediately. Then I added new things to my schedule, teaching (with an hour commute each way) and more carpooling (because the kid with the license went away to school).  The result is a sense of profound busyness and over scheduledness. 

I also let go of my self care in other ways. I haven’t been to a body work person of any sort in months and all my chronic things are active. This is what made me not want to ride today. It’s jarring on my body and my body is hurting. 

This weekend coming up I have a teaching intensive for two and a half days, commuting there and back. It’s a therapist training program so there is tons of exciting inner work. There isn’t a lot of time for outside. Because when the students have free time, I’m in staff meetings. 

I feel whiny and grumpy and owie. I can’t follow my own darn advice. I know what I need, yoga, Pilates, weights, but I DON’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT EAT PASTA. 

I’m in a sort of hibernation mode that is unfamiliar. Honestly, I think I just have to suck it up. I keep telling myself “next week, next time, tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes because it’s always now. 

The bright spot is my dog. I’m still walking every day twice a day at a brisk pace. So I’m not dead yet. 

So people…kick my butt…nicely. 

A black cat flopping on a top step. He looks deflated.
This is how I feel….blergh

10 thoughts on “The Inactivity Gravity Well

  1. I’m there too! It started for me after the 10K on the 21st. Then a busy week and a weekend of sitting at CSWIP! I’ve kept up two times a week of training but nothing else. I’m hoping it changes with light in the morning so I feel more motivated to run before work. Good luck digging out of the hole. Solidarity!

  2. I’m in the same place! My workouts waned in the beginning of fall semester when I was taking a fast-paced bio course that pretty much sucked all my energy and have completely ceased now that I’m recovering from laparoscopic surgery. Work out for me so I can live vicariously through your endorphin surge! 😉

  3. No butt kicking needed, just self compassion, and scheduling. Try to schedule your personal time like you would a meeting, and stick to it. If you want a massage, then schedule one and pay for it. That way you are more apt to go. The same thing goes for exercise. Sign up for an easy 5k race. Life is short, enjoy the pasta. Best wishes.

  4. Susan– thanks for writing this! I’ve been there lately too; way too much work, shoulder hurting, awash in grading, late on deadlines (okay enough whining here). I know for sure that this will pass. A little shift will happen(for Tracy, morning light; for me, upcoming conference trip to Atlanta with Brompton bike where it’s warm and I’m NOT presenting!!). You’ll wiggle through the opening and discover a little space to move. In the meantime, here’s a thing: I’ve been doing some yoga each day for 29 days now. I let just about any yoga thing count. And I found some youtube in-bed yoga routines. Maybe it’s silly, but I felt like I was able to keep the pattern going. Check one out if it appeals. and if all else fails, there’s this meditation on youtube (profanity warning):

  5. Go to bed as soon as you can. It sounds like you need the break.
    Then you can see what might inspire you.
    You can’t pour from and empty cup.

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