Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!

5yearsFive years ago Sam asked her Facebook friends what measures she should use if she wanted to be the fittest she’d ever been in her life by the time she turned 50. At the time, that would have been in two years (August 31, 2014 was her 50th birthday). The discussion piqued my interest. And before we knew it, at the age of 48, Sam and I embarked on our two-year “Fittest by 50 Challenge.”

And that’s how the blog, Fit Is a Feminist Issue, began. Our very first two posts were “A bit about Tracy” and “A bit about Samantha.” Who are those people? Seems so long ago. We had no real aspirations for the blog. Frankly, we had planned to stop blogging as soon as we hit 50, thinking our mission would by then be accomplished.

But the challenge ended 3 years ago. And Fit Is a Feminist Issue is going strong. Between Sam and me, our regular contributors and more occasional guest bloggers, we’ve posted 2480 posts over the past 5 years. We’ve had 1,823,606 views and 1,158,644 visitors.

“She May Look Healthy But…Why Fitness Models Aren’t Models of Health” is our top post ever, with 79,314 views. Sam’s “Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating Program: A Year in Review,” has been viewed 47,656 times and gets a surge of activity whenever a new PN cycle is about to start.

And while the majority of our readers are from the United States and Canada, over the past week, we’ve had visitors from 84 countries, spanning all continents. India is in the top five.

All that is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our wonderful adventure on Fit Is a Feminist Issue!

4 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!

  1. Yes, what Cate said! Being a part of this community as a reader and a blogger and friend of all of you is a real high point in my life. And it’s helped me grow in so many ways– as a writer, as an athlete, as a feminist. So thank you both and Happy Anniversary!

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