A bit about Tracy

I’m Tracy Isaacs and I lead a relatively active lifestyle for someone in a thoroughly sedentary career (academic).  My main activities are yoga (hot and not), walking (slowly transitioning to walk-run),  the elliptical machine (in a pinch), and resistance training (with and without weights, with and without a personal trainer).

I have just started cycling (for leisure and transportation) and I am interested in learning tai chi over the next little while.   In the summer I like to swim, kayak, and hike.  I have to like what I’m doing or I won’t do it.

I aim to focus on enjoyment and how I feel as my main motivation, but I’d be a liar if I said that weight loss/maintenance is never on my mind.  As a feminist, I am always conscious of this as a pernicious motivation and do my best to let go of weight loss as a primary goal (as an fyi, I will say that by any “objective” measure, I am at a healthy weight for my height and age). 

I’m vegan, but not mainly for health reasons (though there are health reasons to be vegan) and not for weight loss (didn’t lose a single gram when I became vegan!).  But it does raise health and nutrition issues for me, so I might have a few things to say about food along the way here too.