Drinking Kombucha and Living Up to My Plastic Free Challenge

First, you might be wondering What the hell is kombucha? (Go read Cate’s post.)

Second, why is Sam trying to go without single use plastics and what’s that got to do with fitness? (Go read Sam’s plastic free July and the fitness challenge part of it)

Third, okay Cate likes Kombucha but does Sam? After all she hates trendy healthy foods. She even jokes that kale is her safeword. (See Goodbye kale! Goodbye quinoa!) Here’s the answer to that question: Sam tried Kombucha and she liked it!

Okay but how are all these things connected? It turns out that not only does locally made Kombucha come in glass bottles, they’re refillable. Pay $5 for the large one and then next time you can refill the bottle for a discount. Reuse is better than recycle. And to boot, she rode her bike to the retail shop to do it. Win, win, win.

Happy Thursday!

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