Sam tried Kombucha and she liked it!

BOOCH Organic Kombucha made in London Ontario

Cate inspired me. It’s her fault. Blame Cate. See her post What the hell is Kombucha? 

I’m not usually a friend of trendy super foods. I don’t like kale and I don’t like quinoa. I expected kombucha to be the same, that is, hip but ultimately unpalatable. 

It was because of Cate’s post that I walked up to the Booch Juice display at the Halton Epic Tour.  I tried their Watermelon Mint and loved it. Turns out they’re also local to me. Their store is in London and it’s even sold in our University Community Centre.

Next up: Lemon Lime.

I was worried at first that it was alcoholic since it’s fermented and I think of fermented beverages as booze. But it’s only a little bit. Not so much that they need to include it on the label. It’s got about the same amount of alcohol as organic orange juice or any other freshly pressed fruit juice. So that’s not something I’m going to worry about.


3 thoughts on “Sam tried Kombucha and she liked it!

  1. Sam, After once getting a good buzz from kombucha, I did some research and found that the alcohol content varies a fair amount. I found an article about Whole Foods at one point pulling some brands off their shelves because the alcohol content was as high as 3%.

  2. I don’t worry about the alcohol either.
    I think it’s ok, but some brands are gross..and it’s expensive.

    I’m sticking to my coffee with 3 creams. Lol

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