Bathing suits may be bulls**t but Sam isn’t impressed

Hilarious Moms Explain Why Bathing Suits Are Bullsh*t.  You’ve seen it, right?

I like saying “bathing suits are bullsh*t.”It’s new to me this swearing thing.

Lots of friends shared this video about women trying on and complaining about bathing suits. I wanted to like it. “You know what’s sexy? Joy.” Yes. I liked that bit. But I could do without the jokes about the guys with hairy backs and the claim that men can wear whatever they want at the beach. They can’t.  See Men it isn’t junk  and Men, meet normative thinness .

It’s true things are easier for men but fat guys can’t wear whatever they want at the beach without mockery. And then there’s all the poking fun at fashion trends for men this year, whether it’s rompers or lace shorts. You know what. Wear what you want, or wear nothing at all, and be happy.

And I could really do without the joke that women who do wear the skimpy cut out suits are responsible for their kids acting out at school. They’re not.

So yeah. I like the bonding over bathing suit season but let’s not throw others under the bus while we’re doing it.


About Sam B

Philosopher, feminist, parent, and cyclist!

2 thoughts on “Bathing suits may be bulls**t but Sam isn’t impressed

  1. ainsobriety says:

    They propagate the sad and dangerously common stereotype that moms need wine all the time to get through the pain of life…plus, they aren’t funny. They are laughing at their own jokes.

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  2. bone&silver says:

    I thought that was great! Very funny, & very observant.


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