A question for our community: Which animal would you most like to do yoga with?

As you know, this blog, if not all the bloggers, has been a big supporter of goat yoga. We’ve written about it often.

Today when I posted about cat yoga on our Facebook page, Tracy said she thinks that it makes more sense than goat yoga. She shared the story and added, “Much better idea than the perplexingly popular yoga with goats.” Tracy’s not a goat yoga fan. To each their own. But that got me thinking.

What animal would you most like to do yoga with?  This is different of course than that animal doing yoga!  (See Animals doing yoga better than me.and Penguin Yoga.) Bonus points if you can share why. What about yoga with that particular animal attracts you?

I love what my searches for unicorn yoga turned up!


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10 thoughts on “A question for our community: Which animal would you most like to do yoga with?

  1. Audrey says:

    Quokka yoga. NOW.


  2. fieldpoppy says:


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  3. caitlinburke says:

    I like doing yoga with cat around, but that’s probably just because I like my cat. Doing yoga with a dog would probably be funnier. That said, I like ywould stay in the moment when I do yoga so maybe a dog partner is a bad idea.


  4. Tracy I says:

    Cats, but maybe that’s just because I miss having cats.

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  5. klyse3 says:

    I have very mixed feelings about cat yoga. The idea makes loads of sense to me, but my own cat tends to attack my arms when I do yoga.

    I think that yoga with rabbits would be fun. Like a softer, milder version of yoga with goats.

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  6. Maybe I’m being culturally-biased, but I gotta choose a panda. Vegetarian. Peaceful. And super cuddly.


  7. andie33 says:

    A sloth because they can hold the pose forever. It would inspire me!


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