Goat yoga! No longer can you go to yoga to escape the kids

What did you do Wednesday night? Whatever it was I bet it wasn’t as much fun as goat yoga.


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Tracy blogged about goat yoga last week but she wasn’t keen to go. Yoga, yes. But goats, no. But one of my sons is home from college and really excited about the idea of yoga with goats. So off we went.


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What did we like? It’s a really pretty setting in a big open barn. There were camping tarps spread over the barn floor and goat food sprinkled around the room. The yoga was easy going and familiar. Baby goats and their moms wandered around the room. It was very introvert friendly. People were more focused on the goats than on talking to strangers. And if you aren’t good at yoga there was no need at all to feel self conscious. There were extra staff wandering around with paper towel to wipe up any goat mishaps.

Here are some of the goats before yoga, just chilling out.

What worked? We’re both casual yoga students and we liked the class a lot. I spent time wondering why goat yoga is a thing, why it works so well. I think it’s because it’s so playful and lighthearted. Adults need that, a chance to play. We were told to take breaks and pet the goats and take pictures with them. So people tended to do yoga for awhile and then stop and have fun with goats. There were people of all ages and fitness levels there and the room had a relaxed vibe.

Here’s my son Gavin and a goat.


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What was tricky? If you are new to yoga, it would have been hard to follow. The instructor worked with the crowd and stuck to familiar yoga poses and flow sequences. If you’ve taken a yoga class at all, this is stuff you would have seen before. The goats really do wander around and nibble on things. I had one nibbling on my sock while I was in child’s pose. Gavin had a goat nibble on his finger. And a goat chewed on a woman’s shoe in the row in front of us.


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Here’s my “I’m not giving this baby goat back” face!

I'm keeping this goat! #goatyoga

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There was also an alpaca at the farm.

#goatyoga #alpaca

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On the way out, we stopped to look at the tree chickens.

Tree chickens?

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Where: Full Circle Ranch,  44632 Mapleton Line, Central Elgin, Ontario

When: Wednesday evenings 7 pm

What: Yoga with goats!


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5 thoughts on “Goat yoga! No longer can you go to yoga to escape the kids

  1. klyse3 says:

    I maintain that goat yoga sounds like tons of fun! Glad you tried it.
    (And am I allowed to congratulate you on having a beautiful son? Or is that weird?)


  2. fieldpoppy says:

    I totally want to do this. Gimme that baby goat. Did you know I have an imaginary goat named Tricia?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam B says:

    Field trip to London for bike ride and goat yoga?


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