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The Reverse Weekend Warrior

My exercise routine has been sporadic this past month. There were caregiving responsibilities, March break with my family, and a nasty cold. 

I reviewed my activity data and was surprised to find my most active days for fitness were weekdays. What? In the warm weather I’m a Weekend Warrior, doing lots on weekends but little activity or exercise during the week. 

This winter and early spring are the exact opposite, I’ve become The Reverse Weekend Warrior by walking my commute and scheduling four half-hour workouts during the week. 

Natalie stares at the camera ruddy faced, her short mousy brown hair a mess in the background are brown lockers
It hasn’t been pretty but I do feel good in my body. I never got around to spinning on Thursdays and Saturdays. The previous winters I did spin for up to an hour on Saturdays and a few times during the week. Not this year. 

Four bicycles lean against a brown bedroom wall under a window. The room has trainers, bicycle pumps and other sundry items strewn about.
Poor Ethel, my bicycle, has sat unloved. 

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather so I can garden, ride my bicycle and have drinks on my porch. Who knows, my weekends may even catch up to my weekday activities. 

If that happens I’ve no idea what I’ll call myself!

2 thoughts on “The Reverse Weekend Warrior

  1. Your post reminds me of the FitBit badges and challenges. I occasionally get challenged to and win the Work Week Hustle (as opposed to the Weekend Warrior.) On the weekend I exercise more but walk less. But thanks to dogs and these days, walking to and from the subway, I get ots of weekday steps even when I can’t fit exercise in.

    (Weekend Warrior—Who can get the most steps over the weekend? Workweek Hustle—Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?)

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