Savour the brief time for perfect running weather

Cartoon of orange sun partially behind white cloud with blue outline.Today I went running at noon. This is not a thing I usually do. But when I heard it would be sunny and about 12 degrees C, it was hard not to seize the moment. You see, we endure a lot of unfavorable running conditions here in Southwestern Ontario.

In the winter, it’s often cold. Not necessarily too cold. I mean, we’re tough Canadians and we have the clothing for it. But it’s still chilly. And you have to dress for it. And some days when you add the wind and the icy surfaces and the snow and the dark (dark in the morning, dark in the evening), it’s tough to feel motivated.

In the summer, much to the surprise of those who haven’t been anywhere in Canada in the summer, it can be hot and humid. Not exactly ideal for running, especially at noon. I pretty much do not run at noon in the summer. I run first thing in the morning after the ashphalt has cooled off overnight and the sun hasn’t yet heated it back up again.

To run at noon is a treat that will be short-lived. I ran in capris and a short sleeved t-shirt today. That’s amazing considering that just three days ago I wore long tights, long sleeves, and a jacket for Around the Bay.

I often joke about how fleeting “capri” season is. It’s like you put the long tights away, pull out the capris for a couple of weeks, then BOOM. Time for shorts. But nothing says perfect running weather quite like capris. Cool enough that you want a bit of coverage on your legs. Warm enough that you don’t need it all the way to your feet.  T-shirts are similar. I run with layers and long sleeves in the winter; tank style tops in the summer. There is just a brief window for t-shirts with sleeves, and that window is happening now.

Right before my noon run, as I was all suited up in my capris and short sleeved t-shirt, ready to go, I realized I forgot my little hip thing that I used to hold my phone. That meant no music (or awkwardly running with my iphone in my hand, which is not a good option). Instead of seeing that as a negative today, I used it to my advantage — to take in my surroundings along the river through Gibbons Park, focus on my breathing rhythm, be present instead of distracted by music, stick with this week’s training plan from Linda in a purposeful way.

When I got back from my run, I posted to social media: “If you’re a runner and you’re in London Ontario today, go running. It is an utterly perfect day to get out there.” It’s not the sort of thing you want anyone to miss out on because it doesn’t last around here. I for one plan to savour this time, between now and late May.

And I’m really glad I grabbed it today because there is now a “special weather statement” for tomorrow: freezing rain and colder. Oh joy.

What’s your favourite running weather? Is there a time of year that you consider perfect? Tell us about it in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Savour the brief time for perfect running weather

  1. Not about running, but riding (of course), I love the fall. My fave cycling days have a summer’s worth of cycling fitness in the bank, are about 15 degrees, and lots of brightly coloured leaves. Oh, and hot tub after. No shivering, no exhaustion from heat and humidity.

    1. I do love the fall too. But it’s followed by winter. I find that after a long cold grey winter, the spring days just seem even more special. But yes, fall running is also amazing, but a little sadder or something.

      1. “I enjoy the spring more than the autumn now. One does, I think, as one gets older.”
        ― Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

  2. Running actually helped me appreciate slightly cooler temperatures. I’m from the deep southern US and strongly prefer warm (read: hot) weather. But running is really difficult, even in moderately hot weather, which helps me appreciate the 60-70 F range more. It’s been great for running for the last few weeks!

  3. I love cycling during these seasons in certain regions of Canada:

    Cherry blossom tree season in spring in Vancouver BC – with local mountains nearby and ocean. It’s beautiful, I recommend that you visit Vancouver for spring jogs in April. There is also an annual Cherry Blossom Festival. This is not like Washington DC (though I’ve been there too) since there are mountains, ocean and cherry blossom pink all over.

    Fall is so lovely anywhere in Canada for riding – brilliant colours and some fallen leaves. I love also the smell of autumn.

  4. i love eating ice creams and Aam panna at this time wandring on roads looking for small children who never look out for weather but always for their fun.

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