Sam’s Toronto-based sabbatical fitness plan begins

When Tracy and I began the blog we were both on sabbatical! The years pass quickly and now it’s another sabbatical for me.

This year I’m a Visiting Faculty Fellow at the University of Toronto Ethics Centre

Here’s my new office:

Such a clean desk. So empty and no books.

All the more room for in office exercise? Likely not.

But since sabbaticals involve not just more time for research and writing but also more conferences and giving talks, I’m traveling a lot. I started writing this at the Eastern Division APA meeting in Baltimore where I gave a talk on the move from the chubby kid to the obese child. It was part of a panel on the medicalization and politicization of fat.

Then I got time to play in the snow. See here and here.

Then I zoomed off to Arizona for the Normative Ethics conference.

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But when I am back my usual weeks in fitness will start like this: Monday I go to the Hart House gym for weights and drop in spin classes, Tuesday I go boxing, and Wednesday I go spinning with the friends for life bike rally people. I’ve yet to sort out the rest of the week. Some running, more cycling, maybe more boxing, and definitely playing outside in the snow. I’m not sure yet how Aikido will fit in.

I’m tempted by swimming lessons at Hart House just because the pool is so beautiful!

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How are your 2017 fitness plans shaping up?