Planning another New Year’s Diet? Three Alternative Approaches that May Spare You the Grief #tbt

Happy December! It may seem early to start getting the message about that that doomed (sorry) New Year’s diet. But here’s a tbt that might preempt that grief before it starts. When I was re-reading some of the December posts from years gone by, this from December 2014 jumped out at me. With the holiday season just getting into full swing, there is still time to avoid that over-stuffed icky feeling, which, for me, is usually more the result of going into auto-pilot mode than of actually enjoying the yummy food. We’ll be blogging a lot more about the joys and jolts of the month’s festivities. Meanwhile, enjoy!


Far more tempting than the sugar cookies and shortbread, the spinach dips and puff pastries, the stuffing and the gravy…more tempting than any of these is the allure of that January 1st diet.

There are few women’s magazines and no fitness magazines on the stands right now that don’t have a feature about weight loss and dieting: a new plan for a new you!

Diets that begin on January 1st don’t typically work any better than diets that begin on any other day.  We’ve talked before about the sad news about losing weight and keeping it off.  See for example here and here and here and here.

I too ate more than I needed to over the holidays and my jeans are a bit tighter than they were a month ago.  So I get the temptation.  But I also know enough that dieting isn’t the answer.  By dieting, I…

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