Maybe I hate winter because I hate pants…

There are many things I don’t like about winter: the cold and the snow mostly. Don’t get me wrong. I like playing in the snow. There’s proof right here.

See my smile!

What I don’t like about winter is the day to day stuff. Driving through snow, for example. Dressing and undressing and hats and mitts and scarves and boots. All the things.

But most especially I hate wearing pants. In the summer I just don’t. Ditto spring and fall. But winter? Winter means pants. (I know I could wear skirts and dresses and knee high boots and fleecy tights but actually I can’t. Boots just don’t fit. I’m a cyclist.)

You can read why I don’t like pants in this post, The case against pants. It’s a personal preference. I’m a liberal about pants. See also Put on your pants! Or not. It’s about choice…

How about you? Pants fan or pants hater?

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9 thoughts on “Maybe I hate winter because I hate pants…

  1. I like pants (jeans are among my favourite clothes) but I LOVE fleece-lines tights. I think if you have lots of fleece-lined tights you can be cozy and wear dresses and skirts all through the winter.

  2. I love pants season for hiding legs that I could care less about shaving. I know there’s no rule about it, but my personal preference is to only show them when they are hair free. Except if we’re talking about running. …I hate wearing pants to run!

  3. I love athleta pants these days, as they are yoga-y and comfy and also a bit stylish (to me). I also am wearing some jjill pants in jewel colors that go with everything. I do love skirts and tights, but am feeling like pants are just easier these days.

  4. For first few days “pants” on bikes always feels more constricting. Then 2 layers of pants when it gets cold, feels “heavy” but warm biking up a hill.

  5. Also not a pants fan. Which is a shame because I have great trousers! But re being a cyclist, there’s that irksome thighs-waist disconnect: a bit too much room up top, a bit too much constriction in the thighs. I have some trousers that resist this problem, but the skinny trouser trend is, let’s face it, just another way to give strong athletic women the finger.

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