Hello Fit Feminist Community!

Hello again, readers and writers of Fit is a Feminist Issue!

I wrote last weekend about finding my fitness spirit animal. I’m happy to announce that I’ll now be writing on a monthly basis for the blog, every second Saturday of the month!

I thought I’d also take this opportunity to introduce myself somewhat more formally.

My name is Tracy de Boer and I am happily residing in Toronto, ON. I am completing my PhD in political philosophy with particular focus on property theory and feminist theory. (An unusual combination, yes, which is why I’m working on it!) I am also a freelancer who writes on social, cultural, and political issues and am looking to produce a podcast that covers similar issues.

My relationship to fitness has been an on-again-off-again one for much of my life. Over the last month or so, I decided to recommit to my health, fitness, and overall wellbeing in a more serious way. It seemed to me that writing about the experience would be a great way to keep myself motivated, accountable, and also provide me the chance to laugh at myself throughout the challenges and achievements.

I look forward to writing here and reading your reflections as well!

3 thoughts on “Hello Fit Feminist Community!

  1. HI Tracy and welcome! I really enjoyed your spirit animal post and look forward to reading more from you. As someone who blogs here too, I can say that regular blog writing reminds me of how pleasurable it is to spend time thinking and writing about things we care about.

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