The first sharp shock of riding in the cold

Last week was the week that we had our first overnight frost warning. It was also the first week of riding in just above freezing temperatures. Also, it was the week that the furnace came on and we closed all the windows.  I was kind of shocked. Each year it kind of catches me by surprise.

Thursday’s coached ride began at 12 degrees at five o’clock. Sunny, windy, and cool but not too cold. We worked hard out into the wind. But by the time we were heading home the sun was sinking and the temperatures were dropping. By the time Sarah and I got back to our cars it was four degrees. Brrrr.

After a drive with the car butt warmers cranked and the heat on high we made it home where we ate take out Thai food and jumped in the hot tub. I’ll be fine once the initial shock wears off. It’s time to dig out the warm booties, the ear warmers, and my serious cycling gloves.

I don’t mind riding in these temperatures. The coloured leaves are beautiful. It’s a great time of year to be outside and  after all, it’ll soon look like this.

One thought on “The first sharp shock of riding in the cold

  1. Ah yes, cold riding– it is a shock. I’ve yet to experience it, as we haven’t gotten really cold weather yet. I’ve done two day rides around 11–12, where I put on toe covers and it felt good. And just got NEW booties for winter (my old ones were dead). Looking forward to cold and dark off-road cross riding in the next two months (before the snow hits). Thanks for the reminder of what’s to come…

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