Another summer road trip

I’m waking up in Cornwall, Ontario after an evening’s drive. My ankles are puffy and we are 1/3 of our way to New Brunswick to see family. 

I’m excited to see my sister Anj, my folks and lots of others too. This is my drink and eat vacation and I get to be in the woods or on the water a lot. 

Rainbow over Spednic Lake

I’m very lucky to be able to access wilderness back home. You may not be so lucky to have access to private wilderness. Chatting with friends recently I realized not everyone knows that Canadians can access Crown Land and camp for free. 

You can check out the ins and outs of crown land camping here:

Crown land camping
It’s a really cool way to experience the woods. 

Hope you are all having a great summer. 

About natalieh

I'm a self described fat feminist 42 year old mother of two teenage minions who loves her high energy life partner of over 20 years. I love moving my body and sometimes do yoga, triathlons and dance like a fool. My next measure of success will be being more fierce and less fearful as I roll through my 40s.

2 thoughts on “Another summer road trip

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  2. Sounds amazing! I’ve never been to Ontario. Thanks for this!


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