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My thoughts on 600 km in 6 days

If you’ve been following the blog recently you know Sam, Sarah, Cate, Susan and I participated in PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally. 

I had some assumptions about how the week would unfold that I hadn’t really unpacked before the rally. I assumed I would be riding with members of my team. The skill and pacing of each rider was so different this didn’t happen. 

Instead I rode alone most days most of the time. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing riding alone on a supported ride could be. I found a pace that felt sustainable and kept it. 

I had assumed I would get slower as the week went on. Instead I kept a steady pace and other riders got faster as the week went on. 

I had assumed I was a relatively weak rider. I found out that the training rides I’d done had me well prepared for hills and wind. I rode in a headwind that others found grueling and was nonplussed. I rode in torrential downpours. I did longer distances faster than I’ve ever done. 

I was surprised how busy the schedule was. Setting up and tearing down campsites each day got harder as the week went on. I didn’t sleep well, despite early bed times I’d wake up after only a few hours of sleep. 

I was SUPER CRAMPY on Day 3 but otherwise being on my period was an annoyance more than an actual issue. 

I had a very difficult ride on Day 5. I checked my times and I was the same speed or faster than Day 4 but I felt like I was crawling along. 

But by the morning of Day 6 we were all a bit giddy. 

I made new friends.

I doubted I could do the distance. I’m so glad I tried something scary. It was an incredible experience. 

8 thoughts on “My thoughts on 600 km in 6 days

  1. Congrats on your finish! I had many of those same feelings when I did the MS 150 alone. It turned out to be a great experience to tackle something new!

  2. Congrats! I’m happy for the whole team but there’s a special happy place in my heart reserved for you because I know how the training pushed you past your comfort zone.

    I’m surprised how much you rode alone. But to me, if there was ride support that would be my preference so I don’t have the feeling of having to keep up with a group. Congrats again. You did it!!

    1. It was a lovely discovery that I like solo riding. I’d never felt that safe or independent before. Supported rides are a safe way for me to do that. 🙂

  3. That sounds amazing! I’m so glad you got to have this experience. I have a question for you: what brand of bike do you have? Are there certain types you (or others on the blog who cycle) would recommend? I haven’t had a bike in years and am considering getting one after I move… reading this blog has made me realize I miss having a bike!

    1. I have a Giant Avail 3. It’s the entry level Carbon fibre bike. I needed an XS frame and had it professionally fitted when I bought it. I really love it. It is just under $2,000 Canadian with taxes so not cheap. I got great advice from friends to buy a better bike than my fitness level so that I could grow into the performance. I’m glad I got the nicest one I could afford.

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